Ice Camera Monitor System.

A complete, end to end solution for aircraft de-icing.

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Ice Camera Monitor System (ICMS) is the front end solution to your de-icing vehicle. It removes the need for personnel to be elevated in a deicer bucket to facilitate the inspection and decontamination of aircraft.

The system is complete with a Remote On Ground Ice Detection System and a linked de-icing monitor to direct the decontamination fluids. Employing full vision detection systems and a growing decontamination pattern library the system will continue to refine and reduce the effort needed in the safe decontamination of aircraft.

Reducing the amount of fluid required; the system employs true spot deicing. It enables the ability to do end of runway deicing activities not before possible, with an 18 meter standoff distance and the operator on the ground in the safe comfort of the heated cab.

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Supports J1939 CAN bus network


supports CanOpen (CAN in automation)

Joystick Control

Integrated J1939 joystick control mapping

Nozzle Follower

Nozzle follower mode. Camera follows the bore sighted monitor.

Pattern Detection

Ice Pattern detection enabling vision guided decontamination using the most economical spray pattern for the monitor.

Progressive Web Application

PWA for online and offline analysis of the decontamination or inspection results. (OS independent)

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