Simbiotix Control Inc. is the creator of unique automated products that solve real world problems in life science and airline industries. Our recent endeavors have lead us to the completion of the IceCam Remote On-Ground Ice Detection System to address the current need for high confidence ice contamination removal.

The ice camera system is based on the unique spectral contrast of Ice, and allows for detection of ice under a layer of water and deice/anti icing fluids. It provides real-time feedback on ice thickness and can be used to provide vision guided deicing.  On its own, the IceCam system provides extreme value in that it allows for post inspection of the contamination removal to aid in the clearing of the aircraft for safe flight.

Our products are designed to enhance operational efficiency, moving you from manual to automated solutions. From reusable magnetic filtration in Life Sciences to de-icing glycol reduction and aircraft safety with the IceCam, Simbiotix products allow for extendible transformations of your daily tasks.

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