Simbiotix  – Extendable – Mobile –  Accessible –  Storage

Holds two HPHD’s

  • 10Gbase LR fiber interface
  • multi-Terabytes (16 – 30.4TB) of Solid state storage.
  • ~ 10 second transfer to the SENAS for infrastructure access
  • Ideal for large data-sets generated by large format imagers/sensors
  • Built for rugged environments


Simbiotix  – Extendable – Mobile –  Accessible –  Storage

Time Savings/Increased Throughput

Shortens data transfer times significantly. ~ 10 second transfer of multi-Terabytes (16 – 30.4TB) of data!


Provides a rugged, portable, multi-Terabyte data cartridge that is as easy to use as a USB memory stick.

Ease of Use

The HPHD mechanics, electronics, embedded firmware, and system software all work together to provide a user experience that is as seamless and automated as possible.


Protect your data from the elements and rest assured with RAID configurations that you configure to meet your application.


Uses the SATA3 standard interface allowing you to use the latest SSD’s available in the 2.5” format. This allows for the total capacity to increase year over year, taking advantage of the improvements in storage technology.



Additional information

Weight 22.7 kg

10A peak, 28 VDC MIL-STD-704F

Temperature Range

-0°C to +55°C/-40°C to +85°C (HPHD using commercial SSD’s)
-40°C to +85°C/-55°C to +95°C (HPHD using Mil grade SSD’s)
-0°C to +50°C/-40°C to +85°C


35000 ft.


2.00Grms 5-500Hz (HPHD)
0.002g2/Hz 5-100Hz

Shock And Crash Safety

Complies to DO-160F for standard operations and crash safety
(Equipment category B) (HPHD included)

User Interface

SiMBiOTiX HiStor software

RAID configurations

Supports raid 0, 5, 6 configurations

Read/Write Speed to the HPHD

Sequential data @ 1 Megabyte block sizes at a rate of >250MBytes per second

Network Interface

10Gbase-LR Fiber Optic Interface,
iSCSI server interface to the HPHD Data Cartridge


$59,900 USD