Remote On Ground Ice Detection System

  1. Designed in accordance with SAE AS5681
  2. Fully integrated unit complete with remote supervisory monitoring

Confidently remove your clear ice contamination.


The Simbiotix IceCam, Remote On Ground Ice Detection System (ROGIDS)  gives operators the ability to view a wide range of ice contamination on surfaces  even under a coating of glycol or water. It can distinguish between ice, slush and water, and is based on the MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd., patent for the detection and identification of the spectral signature of ice.


  • Increased Safety
    •  Identifies areas of ice that are difficult to detect using normal visual or tactile methods
    • Reduces risk of operator slips and falls associated with tactile inspections
  • Improved Operations
    •  Assists operators in designing and performing most effective and efficient de-icing and anti-icing methods or processes.
    • Ongoing operation logs provide data for Quality Assurance analysis.
  • Cost Savings
    • Optimizes the use of de-icing fluid by reducing the amount of overspraying.
    •  Avoids second de-icing pass – because of better targeting of spot and blanket de-icing efforts.
    • Avoids cost of reapplying anti-ice because of ineffective de-ice
  • Time Savings/Increased Throughput
    •  Shortens the aircraft time at the de-icing facility – protecting
    •  Increases throughput of de-icing facility.
  • Supervisory Monitoring/Training Aide
    •  System allows for remote viewing of in-process detection results
    • Improve the training of the Deicers through monitoring of the results
      − Reduce onboarding time of new staff
  • Environmental
    •  Minimizes the use of fluids
    •  Reduces the impact on environment and re-cycling system use.

Additional information

Weight 36.3 kg
Minimum Detectable Ice Thickness

<0.5 mm of ice on any surface and beneath water or de-/anti-icing fluids

Minimum Detectable Ice Patch Size

10 cm diameter (from maximum range and minimum angle)

Minimum Camera View Angle

>20º from horizontal

Min/Max Operation Stand-off Range


Field of View Multispectral

Multispectral Imager:
14º x 17º (Example: 3m x 3.6m area from 12m stand-off)

Field of View (EO) Context

30º x 40º (Example: 6.4m x 8.5m area from 12m stand-off)

Temperature Range (Operating/Non-operating)

All Weather Operations (-30°C to +25°C/-40°C to +60°C)
Camera will limit performance when operating >15°C as the system uses convection cooling.

Power Requirement - system

15A peak, 28 VDC (12V 30A DC Up-convertor included)

Ice Detection/Contextual Sensors

Multispectral and Color video cameras in a weather proof pan/tilt housing.

Measurement Update Rate

1.4 Hz

Data Storage

Up to 40 GB of storage (Log of up to 5 days of de-icing operations)