SciCore 24 Plate Incubator

The SciCore incubator: A small intelligent robotic incubator with high temperature uniformity in the sample chamber.

No electro-mechanical heat load in the environmental chamber.

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The SciCore incubator:

A small full featured 24 plate incubator suitable for your automated cell based assays.

It features:

• Small footprint (24” Diameter without mover)
• Indexed side walls and carousel for robotic and human loading (360 degree access)
• Active humidity and CO2 control
• Wide temperature range (3 to 50 C)
• Easy access to serviceable HEPA/ULPA filtration
• Single door access
• Extendible mass storage
• Extendible asset utilization

Additional information

Dimensions 60.96 × 71.4 cm


Temperature Range

+3 to 50C

Active CO2

Active CO2 Control

Humidity Control

Active Humidity Control

Robotic Access

Human and robotic access. 360 degree accessibility!

Plate Capacity

Holds 24 standard height microplates or 24 X 1.5" Deepwells.


240/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 760 W +/- 10%

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