SciCore 24 Plate Incubator

The SciCore incubator: A small intelligent robotic incubator with high temperature uniformity in the sample chamber.

No electro-mechanical heat load in the environmental chamber.

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The SciCore incubator:

A small full featured 24 plate incubator suitable for your automated cell based assays.

It features:

• Small footprint (24” Diameter without mover)
• Removable shelves to support DW plates/tube racks
• Indexed side walls and carousel for robotic and human loading (360 degree access)
• No electro-mechanical heat load in the environmental chamber
• Active humidity control
• Active C02 control
• Easy access to serviceable HEPA/ULPA filtration cartridges
• Single door access with air curtain robotic and human access
• Extendible mass storage
• Extendible asset utilization

Additional information

Dimensions 60.96 × 81.28 cm

Dual HEPA/ULPA standard 7.5" cartridges.

Temperature Range

+50C to -0C

Active CO2

Active CO2 Control

Humidity Control

Active Humidity Control

Robotic Access

Human and robotic access. 360 degree accessibility!

Plate Capacity

Holds 24 standard height microplates or 24 1.5" Deepwells.

Reconfigurable Nests

Removable nests to allow for taller plates.