MagnaSim96 is designed to quickly attract the magnetic beads located in a round, v or flat bottom 96 well microplate and isolate the beads around the walls of the well in a 2.5 mm diameter. This allows for the liquid handler to aspirate the liquid that is located in the center of the well and leave the magnetic beads for further processing or discard.

The design of the magnetic plate allows for MagnaSim96 to directly sit in a microplate nest, thereby converting the original Lab-ware into a magnetic microplate nest. This combination increases the usability of your liquid handler as you can now begin to process magnetic bead based assays on your traditional system. A plate manipulator is all that is needed to move the process plate to and from the magnetic nest so that the beads can be agitated and put back in suspension. Plate manipulation can be done manually or robotically.

• The dimensions of the MagnaSim96 magnetic plate is X 85.2mm X 5.60mm. This allows the unit to sit in a standard microplate nest.
• MagnaSim96 does not have any wires or electronics as it is a custom assembled magnetic plate.
• The unit is designed for a standard 96 well microplate (round, V or flat bottom) to sit on top of the magnet assembly with each well in contact with an individual magnet set.
• The average strength of each magnet assembly that encompasses each well of the microplate is 5600 Gauss.
• Magnet assemblies ship in an alternating pole format.
• Unit can be autoclaved

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$900 USD