Digital imagery creates a lot of data especially when taken at high resolutions. Moving or transferring that data at a reasonable rate takes a significant amount of time even with the latest high speed connectivity systems. Simbiotix solves this issue by creating a system that allows for fast physical transfer of data from your mobile platform to your hard wired infrastructure.

The system features 9.6TB—19.2 TB of solid state storage (SATA 3 Solid State Drives) that is easily transferred from rugged environments (tested to MIL Standards) to your internal servers or datacenters.

Introducing the Simbiotix Mobile Storage Solution


Now you can transfer 19.2 TB of information in as little as 10 seconds by physically moving the high capacity storage medium (HPHD) from one device to another like a USB drive. The docking stations (SEMAS/SENAS) provide high performance computing allowing you to do on board processing and other manipulation tasks while transferring the data to your network or cloud based storage at hard wired data rates. By moving the storage media you are able to free up your collection asset to do more data collection and avoid downtime or exposure to your hardware while the dataset is transferred.

The Simbiotix Mobile Storage Solution – The complete solution for your mobile data acquisition platform

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