SiMBiOTiX has continued to improve the IceCam, Remote On Ground Ice Detection System (ROGIDS).  The IceCam gives operators the ability to view a wide range of ice contamination on surfaces  even under a coating of glycol or water.  Field tests are being conducted in 2017 with this improved version of the camera. Upgrades included an enhanced operator interface allowing for real-time ice threshold adjustments, video streaming, integrated spotlight and integration into the new SiMBiOTiX PT.


  • Increased Safety
    •  Identifies areas of ice that are difficult to detect using normal visual or tactile methods
    • Reduces risk of operator slips and falls associated with tactile inspections
  • Improved Operations
    •  Assists operators in designing and performing most effective and efficient de-icing and anti-icing methods or processes.
    • Ongoing operation logs provide data for Quality Assurance analysis.
  • Cost Savings
    • Optimizes the use of de-icing fluid by reducing the amount of overspraying.
    •  Avoids second de-icing pass – because of better targeting of spot and blanket de-icing efforts.
    • Avoids cost of reapplying anti-ice because of ineffective de-ice
  • Time Savings/Increased Throughput
    •  Shortens the aircraft time at the de-icing facility – protecting
    •  Increases throughput of de-icing facility.
  • Supervisory Monitoring/Training Aide
    •  System allows for remote viewing of in-process detection results
    • Improve the training of the Deicers through monitoring of the results
      − Reduce onboarding time of new staff
  • Environmental
    •  Minimizes the use of fluids
    •  Reduces the impact on environment and re-cycling system use.